I'm a performance artist, I'm the most hybrid language in art, I stand in proximity of theses defended by anti-psychiatry. My body is the center of my questioning, it is both the object of work, both the subject of research. I put my body available to create living picture to share with the audience. What remains of my gesture, my action, my performances and my body, they are site specific installations, video installations, photos and video.

My performances are very long and gesture is repetitive. The repetition that I use serves as magnifying glass on the details of our lives. Emphasis is not so much on repetition but on time. I want to share time, a moment with the audience. "Hic et nunc". At a time when the virtual allows you to do thousands of things at the same time, it's a challenge for me to hold the audience's gaze for more than ten minutes. Repetition isn't only in my movement but also in this gaze: for once they are just watching one thing repeat itself over and over. They have to adapt to a different pace. Some come only for the beginning and end up stayng for several hours.



Romina De Novellis is a performer artist (born in Naples, 1982, has lived in Rome since 1985, she lives and works in Paris since 2008). After few years dedicated to dance and theatre, she lands in the performing art scene cutting off both speech and choreography from her artistic research, deciding to focus on the language of gestures, overall replacing the body in a urban environment. In 1999, she graduates from the Royal Academy of Dance of London method (RAD certification) and continues her studies at the DAMS of the University of Rome 3, she was Luigi Squarzina's art director assistant for the Opera Theatre in Rome. In Paris, she studies anthropology (ph D) at the EHESS. As an artist, Romina De Novellis is represented by Alberta Pane Gallery, in Paris and Dafna Gallery, in Naples. Traces of her work are collected as photos and videos shot by her husband Mauro Bordin, artis painter and photographer and she collaborate with some other photographer and film makers, as Andrés Arce Maldonado.

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